Ideas come dime a dozen. It's all about the execution.


Spotify for news


Blockchain based medical record system

Mischief Managed

Goof off at work with looped GIFs

Kulertown Chronicles

Bright and colorful top down shooter

File Express 360

File explorer Android app

Investing For Devs

Value Investing notes for developers


Bits & Pieces For Your Next SAAS

Case Studies

The journey is as important as the end result.

Newseon - Case Study

Design process behind the mobile app

ErieGo - Case Study

How we made a mobile app to tackle the freshwater crisis at Aquahacking


Feels good to be noticed.

Paw Patrol IMDB

Technical Director for Paw Patrol Season 7

YorkU + IBM

An AI-powered student support pilot


Tinder for stocks. Winner of Most Innovative Hack.

CS Games 2016

Lassonde students take home prizes from CS Games 2016.